Connect to your Core. Clear your trauma. Embrace your Masculinity. Claim your Power. Find Purpose. Take the Hero's Journey. Become your own Champion. I'll show you how.
    • Free yourself from trauma and move forward
  • Eliminate guilt and shame - live your life on YOUR terms

Embrace your masculinity - the best part of who you are

Destroy internal blocks that keep you from being your best self

Create a success mindset, which leads to outer success


Your Masculinity Is the Best Part of You. Embrace It Unequivocally.

Rediscover your inner bad-ass.  Eliminate negativity, self-doubt, and self-criticism. Replace if with confidence and a champion's mindset. The tombstone of Cus D'Amato, Mike Tyson's first coach says "A boy comes to me with a spark of interest. I feed the spark & it becomes a flame. I feed the flame & it becomes a fire. I feed the fire & it becomes a roaring blaze." Become a roaring blaze. I'll show you how.


Reprogram Your Core to Claim Your Power.

Our core beliefs about who we are, what we're worth, what we can do or have, what is safe and what's not, and all aspects of life are deeply ingrained in our subconscious. These beliefs dictate most of what we do, every minute of every day. I specialize in reprogramming the subconscious mind using specialized techniques. I clear subconscious emotional trauma and programming that prevents us from reaching our full potential.


Believe Then Achieve.

Merely clearing traumatic programming is not enough. I replace the bad beliefs with the best ones. Beliefs such as "I am a magnet for money", "I am amazingly capable and talented", "women find me incredibly attractive", "the real me is the best part of me", and "I am destined for greatness". Healing our inner masculine is the key to improving every aspect of our life.  Upgrade your inner world and your outer world will also improve.It's science!


To Become  A Champion, First Be Your Own Champion

Our world that drags men down. We’re told masculinity is toxic, wrong, bad, sinful, needing to be tamed. Society doesn’t support men’s best interests. Rather, it teaches men to serve, sacrifice, and subjugate themselves to the interests of women and society, to be a cog in the machine. As boys, we’re treated as if we’re defective girls. Men are conditioned through shame, manipulation and lies to do society’s bidding. We’re told women are equal to men, and yet men should pay for dates, act chivalrous, do the most dangerous and exhausting work, receive lesser parental rights in divorce and die in war. We’re taught men are always perpetrators, and women are always victims. Women are strong and independent, men are losers, and yet somehow also privileged. We’re taught to deny and reject who we really are. For many of us, this leads to anxiety, depression and hopelessness. It’s no wonder the suicide rate of men is eight times that of women.

Yet men are praised in society once they have excelled. Successful, charismatic, powerful men are lauded with respect and praise. Everyone loves a champion, even though society actively works to keep us from becoming one. To become such a man, we must ignore most of what society tells us. Instead we put ourselves first. We take care of ourselves, because no one else will. To become a champion, we first be our own champion. The purpose of Inner Masculine is to show you how to do this at the deepest level. I have done this for myself, going from a severely manically depressed, medicated, abused, penniless, broken man to a happy, emotionally stable, medication-free, successful individual with a six figure income, loyal friends who respect me, and attractive women in my life (read my story). If you’re willing, I will show you how to do this for yourself. The power you already have within you is far more than you realize.

Remove your insecurities, doubts, mental blocks and feelings of low self-worth. Replace them with a hopeful, determined, happy, optimistic mindset. If you let me, I'll show you how.

Subconsious Trauma and False Core Beliefs

Have you heard of yo-yo dieting? It’s when people are overweight, go on a diet, lose weight, but can’t keep it off. They always gain the weight back. Often, they gain all the weight back and then some. And then there’s people who find themselves in abusive relationships, time and time and time again. They divorce an abusive spouse, swearing they’ll never be with such a person again, but their very next relationship is abusive, just like before. Sure, it’s a new person, maybe the abuse takes a different form, but the song stays the same. Why can’t this person just find someone who’s nice, kind, trustworthy, and stick with that person? Somehow, they always gravitate to the train wrecks. Then there’s addiction. Each year, millions of people swear off smoking, drinking, or whatever. But they keep going back. They can’t stop, no matter how hard they try. The addiction openly mocks their feeble willpower. Why is this? What is really going on?

The issue is not with our conscious choices, or our supposed lack of willpower. The issue lies with bad programs in our subconscious mind. We call such programs limiting beliefs, or false core beliefs. The worst of these arise from severe trauma and abuse, which usually occur in childhood. The trauma is stuck inside us and makes us stuck in life. Maybe we don’t remember the trauma, but our subconscious always remembers, as if it’d just happened yesterday. This trauma caused us to form certain beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.

What I do is clear this trauma, and replace it with positive beliefs that serve you. For many this is life-changing. Read about me and how I do this here, or contact me with any questions or to book a consultation or session.

Here's What Men Are Saying About Their Experience with Inner Masculine

I wanted to give a shout out to our man Ryan Fowler the hypnotherapist. I had a 2nd session with him in person this past weekend and I cannot believe how much trauma he cleared again. I honestly believe 80% or more of all my trauma was cleared thanks to him. I know that because my father texted me this morning and for the first time since I can remember, I felt no anger or hatred toward him. In the past whenever he would call or text me, I would shrug in disgust and say, “what the fuck does he want” and ignore him. This time I was like “O it’s my Dad I hope he’s doing well”. Mind you I have not seen or talked to him since I moved out of his house a little less than 2 months ago after an argument.

On Saturday, my subconscious forgave him and moved on from the abusive childhood I was in. My father loves and cares about me, but he would take out his childhood trauma on me instead of doing the work to fix himself like I did. With all that hatred removed from my heart I can work on myself to be the best version I possibly can be. We also removed the remainder of the self-limiting believes that were holding me back from my desired life. Now I feel like I can take on the world!

I am posting this to help other men in our community to get the help they need to achieve all their goals and aspirations they strive for. Ryan did not ask me to do this, I wanted to. Hypnotherapy is real legit thing that could very well be the key to lifting any mental blockages you might have. Ryan genuinely cares about us men and will do whatever it takes to help.

B. Caldwell

Before I get into how much Ryan's hypnotherapy worked for me - first I want to say that I am a hardcore red-pilled guy. I went through the divorce machine and have had success in game - but I had one woman who broke down my barriers and for some reason I could not enforce boundaries with. I heard about Ryan's work through Jonathan MLD and knew I needed to get some help to fix me before I got too deep and the whole thing was a train wreck. I booked a session and he went through the initial assessment - sorting out that I had some deep trauma back from my childhood holding me back and affecting my ability to do what I want to do. The session was the most cleansing experience of my life. A lot of the pain and emotional issues I suffered through got cleared up. I was able to get my life back and sort out what I wanted and where I was going. The next day I felt like a new man but it was over time where I started to see the affects. It's an intense process. It will hurt but then will heal. It's way more efficient then seeing therapists who will give you bullshit answers when what you need is just in your blind spot. Ryan's hypnotherapy opens up that blind spot. He's a life saver - and I mean that, because he prevented me from getting into another train wreck of a situation and turning me into a plough-horse/zombie again - and you know I will go further as saying he saved my life because in five or so years when things didn't work out and I was rattled with more support payments - I would have either had to abscond or sadly do the unthinkable... so - to all men - if you're gut is telling you something about a relationship or marriage or whatever, go see Ryan first. He won't give you the answer but he will fix the underlying trauma which makes you vulnerable to piranhas and predatory women.

G. Accardi


You Have More Power Than You Know. Claim It!!!